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Our Story

After years of working either from home right here in Needham or nearby expensive executive office suites, we founded Burbspace in late 2018 for people just like us: aspiring, hard-working, sociable entrepreneurial business spirits. People who want to focus on creating great, innovative products, services and businesses without worrying about rent, WiFi, electricity or even running out of coffee. Hence, Burbspace was born.

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Our state-of-the-art workspace right in Needham Center offers everything you need in order to get started: private offices, comfortable coworking area, several meeting rooms, phone booth rooms, networking opportunities and, needless to say, snacks, drinks and more.


Today, we’re constantly reimagining how well-appointed space, leading technology, and a welcoming community can help everyone—from freelancers to Fortune 500s—get more out of their workday. So why not join our growing community?

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